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The Kiss April 5, 2012

Posted by Jen Pappas in Costa Rica Posts, Poems and Misc..
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from August 6, 2009 Journal Entry

Today after our run, we sat down on the lounge chairs by the pool to stretch and finish sweating. A yellow butterfly kept circling my shoulders as I stretched, finally landing on the back of my shirt – mistaking the bright emblem for a flower. It perched for a moment before flying away. I took the shirt off and handed it to Steve who bunched it up so only the flower-like logo was showing. We waited. After a moment, the butterfly again landed on what it took to be a flower. Slowly, Steve brought the shirt closer and closer to his face until he was nose-to-wing with the creature. I held my breath, watching as he bent ever closer, rubbing the tip of his nose against one yellow wing, giving it an eskimo kiss.

It was as intimate as writing a letter.


Ode to Rosario April 5, 2012

Posted by Jen Pappas in Poems and Misc., Rosario.
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Ode to Rosario

journal entry