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It Won’t Always be Like This April 18, 2011

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from August 9, 2009 Journal Entry

Part of me knows it won’t always be like this. Waking whenever we please, pulling out a book to read until we’re finally ready to get out of bed. Flipping channels on an old, 25-inch Sankey TV using a big toe because we can’t find the remote – stumbling across our favorite programs at odd times, in different languages.

We won’t always have the luxury of playing three consecutive games of cribbage during happy hour, waiting for the sun to set, smirking to one another about the underage American girls four seats over, ordering shots (with a chaser!) for themselves and strangers.

No, it won’t always be like this. Preparing a cocktail in our trusty blue water bottle to bring to you down at the beach in between surf sessions. Running errands in town before finishing another book underneath the horrifically loud ceiling fan. Shopping for cheap bags of rice and eggs for that evening’s dinner. Tickling our psuedo pet cat between the ears, dodging piles of trash on the road outside our condo complex. Where later you will return, shower, dress into a different pair of shorts and plop back onto the ramshackle sofa declaring, “What a hard day of work.”

It won’t always be like this but maybe somewhere down the line, something else – equally wonderful will step in and take its place so I can write about it. Just as I’ve done here.


Vicariously Living Through Ourselves April 8, 2011

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Woe. I look back on the time Steve and I spent in Latin America with longing. As with any place one spends extended time in, I’m lonely for the dusty towns, wide-eyed children, Spanish lilt and endless busrides. Simultaneously, strangely, it all feels very close and very far away. Yet, 14 months back in the States, and I’ve only just finished putting the photo albums together. We finally built and hung the photo collage we’d been imagining since we first started this blog, a daily trigger for vicariously living through ourselves.

Our hallway photo collage

Unfortunately, our bank accounts are still suffering from our spontaneous, impractical, one-hundred percent amazing trip, so the hallway must suffice for whatever wanderlust lingers. Which in my case, never really goes away, but is sated here and there every couple of years or so.

In lieu of having no new places to document, I’ve been going back and improving the existing blog: adding titles and tags, cleaning up categories, etc. It’s a poor substitute for actually digging in and exploring the world, but I know the next trip is never far away. Luckily, I have notebooks full of things we never published and never shared. Private moments, poems, drawings, conversations… So, until that next passport stamp or visa application, I give you the unreleased b-sides of our trip: the good, the bad, the strange, and the ugly. Enjoy.