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Welcome! September 13, 2009

Posted by Jen Pappas in Blog Intro.

I know what you´re thinking. Why didn´t Jen and Steve start this blog before leaving the country? Why haven´t we been privy to all these photos and updates from the very beginning? Well, we could very easily blame it on how busy we were in the final weeks: finishing up house projects, planning, packing, throwing farewell beach parties… But the truth is much simpler. Jen is old fashioned. Steve hasn´t looked at a computer since March. In short, we´re a couple of technology deficient cavemen.

            But as we´ve gotten deeper into our journey and further from home, the more we´ve been wanting to share what we see, hear and experience each day. There is simply too much stimulus and living for us to accurately capture in bi-monthly updates. Plus our moms keep whining to see more photos, so here it is. Jen and Steve´s very first blog.

            Don´t call it a vacation. It´s not a vacation, but whatever it is, we welcome you to join us each step of the way. We will be archiving the past 7 weeks of our trip as well as adding new content and photos as much as we can. This is a work in progress so feel free to post comments and let us know what you´d like to see or hear more (or less) of.

            We hope you enjoy it.


        Jen and Steve



1. Aunt Jan - September 17, 2009

I am loving that country!! It’s absolutely beautiful! I’d fly out there in a second, if for some reason two of my favorite travelers decided to get married or something wild like that while on their trip 🙂

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